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Natural Resources Division

The Natural Resources Division administers all natural resource-related leases, Conservation Districts and any natural resource issue affecting State Trust land. Leasing categories include grazing, agriculture, mineral, mineral material, exploration, and apiary. Other administrative areas include water sales, mineral material sales, water rights administration, dam safety, trespass, recreational permits, environmental contamination, and cultural resources. 

Permits Available for Recreation on State Trust Land

Arizona State Trust lands are not public lands such as National Parks or Federal Forests. Any use of State Trust land requires a permit from the Arizona State Land Department with a few exceptions. Permits are available in several formats to accommodate individual, family and group needs. More  >>

Rangeland Management Program: A Good Use of Remote State Trust Land

Rangeland management on Arizona's State Trust land is a mutual effort between the Land Department and its grazing lessees. Because of the location and type of State Trust land, livestock grazing takes place on more acres of State Trust land than any other use.  More  >>