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Water for State Trust Lands
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Water Rights Administration

The Water Rights Section provides support to the Department on water related issues, and consists of four distinct programs.  Water can be a limiting resource in Arizona, and availability of water for State Trust land is essential.

Contractual Water

Complex interactions with lessees/applicants, and other State, Federal agencies, county and city governments on water–related issues for State Trust land.  This includes review of proposed rules, statutes, and ordinances for implications to State Trust land.

Water Use on State Land Leases – State lease/permit applicants may apply to utilize available groundwater for the Trust land.  Leases/Permits other than agriculture or grazing are assessed water charges based upon the amount, type of use and market rates.

Water Sales – Groundwater may be removed from Trust land, after auction, similar to common mineral materials.  When water auctions are scheduled they can be viewed, at this site.  If you are interested in applying for a Public Auction Water Sale, the Department requires a pre-application meeting prior to submittal.

Contract Administration - the Department has a Central Arizona Project (CAP) municipal & industrial (M&I) subcontract for 32,076 acre-feet/year, and two Colorado River contracts (one for irrigation uses and the other for domestic uses).

Will Serve Letter – For lands planned under the Urban Lands Act, coordinate with the Department’s Planning Section to obtain a commitment for water service from private water companies or/and municipal water providers.  Additionally, the Department typically requires a commitment of water service as condition of a pre-annexation development agreement.

Call John Bodenchuk at 602 542-2670 for further information.

Dam Safety

The Dam Safety Program’s main objective is development and maintenance of an emergency protocol system that will facilitate the Department’s goal to reduce State liabilities associated with potential dam failures.  More>>

Database of Jurisdictional Dams – Coordinate compliance of Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) requirements for Jurisdictional Dams (JD).  Investigate, manage and negotiate resolutions to remediate unsafe or unauthorized dams on State Trust land.

Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) – Participate in the development of IGAs necessary for studies, designs, retrofitting, or operation and maintenance for the improvements of JDs owned and operated by Flood Control Districts.

Disputes over Split Estate or Unauthorized Structures – Identify split estate disputes or unauthorized structures created by private entities on Trust land.  Negotiate resolutions with the support and coordination of Federal and State agencies, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Improvement Applications for Drainage, Flooding and Erosion Issues – Provide technical review, comments and recommendations on applications to place improvements for Natural Resource leases.

Levees and Drainage Diversions – Investigate and identify unauthorized levees and drainage diversions constructed on State Trust land for the protection of private lands located downstream of the structures.

Call Luana Capponi at 602 542-2134 for additional information.

Water Right and Claims Administration

Pursue water rights for State Trust lands to fulfill the Department’s objective to allow the land’s highest and best use in order to maximize the revenue for a specific use to benefit the Trust beneficiary.  Provide support to other disciplines within the agency, such as commercial leasing and land sales, planning, engineering, minerals, grazing and agriculture.  Awareness of the nexus with water/energy for solar facility applications filed for Trust land.

The Department filed several thousand claims in the General Stream Adjudications (Little Colorado River and Gila River), and asserts a claim for federal reserved water rights for Trust land.  Currently, the majority of these claims are for stock and wildlife uses, as approximately 90% of Trust Land is used for grazing.

The Department filed surface water rights/claims, predominately for stock and wildlife uses.

Department holds grandfathered water rights (irrigation, Type 1, and Type 2), and groundwater use permits for State Trust land within Active Management Areas as defined by the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Call Heide Kocsis at 602 542-2678 for additional information.

Well Registration and Administration

The Department investigates new and existing wells to confirm their location utilizing Geographic Positioning System (GPS), verify well status, condition, the use of the water and photograph the site.  There are approximately 3,000 wells located on State Trust land.

Coordinate with state lessees to ensure that water wells on State Trust land are in compliance with Arizona Department of Water Resources’ regulations.

In the event a well is discovered on State Trust land that is not capped, is unsafe or hazardous, please contact the Land Department’s Water Rights Section.

Call Bob Harding at 602 542-2672 for more information on wells on State Trust land or to report an unsafe well.